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Who we are

We are very proud to belong to the innovators that introduced the first Building Management Systems (BMS) to the Greek market more than 25 years ago. During those years a solid experience was built from the amount (more than 400) and the diversity of BMS projects that we installed.

These projects covered the commercial buildings area such as hotels, theatres, hospitals, sport venues (including most of the Athens 2004 Olympic venues and stadiums), residential complexes, museums, airports, logistic centres, office buildings, schools-universities, shopping malls and other.

Our mission

A revolution recently emerged, driven from the availability of inexpensive micro-controllers and sensor networks. Using our experience and cutting-edge technology, we design and build customized software and hardware in-house, in order to renovate, upgrade, expand and utterly elevate any present need for a BMS to an Information System.

Targeted not only to buildings but also to infrastructure, our information systems serve as part of an affordable yet very powerful solution fully aligned with the emerging needs of the IoT (Internet of Things) era.


Monitoring and control for hotels

The new BMS for hotels

Designed for hotels and small accommodation units with split-unit air conditioners or fan-coil units. Read more ...

Room energy optimization

Rationalizes the use of A/C by limiting the extreme temperature set-points chosen by most guests, to comfort set-points.

Increase your social media ratings (tripadvisor, booking.com, etc)

Honour your guests with a comfortable room micro-climate upon their check-in.

15' installation time per room

Designed and built with ease of installation in mind, enabled by the latest wireless technologies. Don't wait for the next renovation; install today and benefit from a system that, among other things, communicates with your split A/C through infra-red signals.


A customized management solution for buildings and infrastructure

Minimize your cost per node

Our systems utilize state-of-the-art micro-controllers and flexible layout based on wireless and Ethernet architectures.

Trouble free operation

Based on our experience of more than 400 commercial building BMS projects in Greece and Cyprus.

Cloud based, single platform, for any information, from any 3rd party BMS vendor

Our cloud based management software can be either installed on new projects or used to upgrade existing installations using its capabilities of sharing and adopting data points from any existing 3rd party BMS vendor.


Residential monitoring system

Know, act, confirm

Use our simple user-configured alarms for energy - water consumption (or whatever really matters) with an easy to use, no-nonsense user interface.

Plug and Play

Wireless architecture and zero network configuration requirements result in very fast, trouble-free installation.


Monitoring solution for machinery

Machinery monitoring

Real-time monitoring for machinery like air compressors, chillers, generators, freezers etc, allows any involved party (rental companies, operators, maintenance companies) to have the full picture of how their machinery is used.

Detect hardware failures

Detect what and when something has failed, protecting your investment and further failures.

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Some of our works are shown below. Stay tuned for many more exciting projects coming live very soon!

Some of our customers

Aphrodite Hills
Atlantica Hotels
Poseidon of Paros

Sunprime Hotels
Casino Rodos
Esperia Group
Nikaia Hospital

Sigalas Winery
Venetsanos Winery


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